West Coast rappers/producers Spinz and The Alchemist share many similarities aside from their affiliation with Eminem and Shady Records. Both growing up around hip hop legends such as House Of Pain, Cypress Hill, Madlib and Oh No, being the same age, and growing up about one hour from each other; Alchemist in Beverly Hills, California and Spinz in Oxnard, California. Both have produced and featured with most of hip hop´s finest and now they come together on the “8 Dayz A Week” EP that can only be described as 2015´s “Sleeper Cell” album of the year. Meaning that if this is any indication of what´s to come in 2016, Spinz is about to explode into the discussion of top 50 artists worldwide in Rap music today. https://spinz.bandcamp.com/album/8-dayz-a-week

Posted x @Mantez