Yo Era Waddup??

Newark, New Jersey is rich in culture, creativity and history. The state of New Jersey’s biggest city, Shaquille O’Neal, Faith Evans and Whitney Houston are Brick City’s notable representatives that were idolized by today’s millennials.

Years later, lyricists like Vernell Bryant, better known to his rap audience as Knew Era are carrying on Newark’s tradition with creativity in today’s digital age.

On January 12, the lyricist dropped, Indie. The ten track album gives the lyricist to do things his way on his terms; something he is ecstatic about. “It’s the freedom of independence,” Knew Era told Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson on CBS Radio’s Brown and Scoop podcast. “Not being a slave to any labels or brands and not being a slave to dates; just going full force and dropping thing when I want to drop things.

Point taken.

Oh Won, Jimmy Dice, Bless McFly, Barry Bondz, P’Cha$e and others lent their vocals to the project and honestly, it is not a bad album. See for yourself by CLICKING HERE