Texas Teen Who Was Body Slammed By Cop At Pool Party Is Seeking Revenge

Yet another police brutality case is going to court. In June of 2015, Dajerria Becton was attacked and arrested by officer Eric Casebolt at a pool party. He was called to the scene when some neighbors called and complained about too many black kids at the community pool. As a result, some racist kids decided to pick a fight with them.

Allegedly, when Casebolt arrived at the pool party, he went berserk as he tucked and rolled through the crowd. Eventually, he ended up accosting Becton. Footage of the incident shows the officer yanking her by the braids, slamming her to the ground, and putting his knee in her back in an attempt to arrest the teen.


That footage has since gone viral, and Casebolt was put on administrative leave as a result of the incident but apparently Becton didn’t think that was sufficient. So now she’s suing Casebolt, the McKinney Police Department and the city for $5 million. The lawsuit argues that she was injured as a result of him not being properly trained.

She claims that the whole situation was handled inappropriately but the police department refutes those claims. They also said they expect to win the case. The officer has since resigned despite some neighbors saying his actions were justified. She also stated that the police officer handcuffed her despite her compliance with regulations.

The lawsuit states, “The entire time D.B. she could do nothing but cry out in pain and repeatedly beg for her ‘Momma’ as she endured the pain inflicted upon her by defendant Casebolt’s physical assault.” McKinney officials issued the following statement, “McKinney prides itself in cultivating the highest standards of training and professionalism for our officers, and it strongly believes that its standards and training will withstand legal challenge.”

Hopefully, they’ll be able to settle this case peacefully, so they can continue providing a safe environment for all their residents.