The Weeknd Is Ballin’ After This Gift From His New Girlfriend

Apparently, Selena Gomez is getting pretty serious with The Weeknd. It seems the 24-year-old actress and singer recently shelled out 30 grand to pay for the soon-to-be 27-year-old singer-songwriter’s birthday party at Dave and Buster’s. Allegedly, she wasn’t able to attend due to Fashion Week obligations in New York, but her presence was definitely felt there.

And just because she wasn’t there doesn’t mean the party didn’t feature some A-list celebrities. Some of the part guests included French Montana, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Travis Scott, Migos, and Bryson Tiller. All of these people had free rein over the place from 11pm to  2am Monday night. Can you even begin to imagine how awesome that is?


Despite her being in absentia at the party, the two were able to spend some quality time together last weekend. The two were recently spotted on the Leight Star Yacht in the Marina Del Ray. Of course, this wasn’t a cheap date, mind you, as it ended up costing the couple approximately $85,000. The two have been dating since the beginning of 2017.

Paparazzi first caught the two making out on January 10 in Santa Monica which sparked numerous dating rumors. Those rumors eventually turned out to be true, obviously. A couple of weeks ago, the two were spotted vacationing together in Florence, Italy. Allegedly, they spent time at the Uffizi Gallery Museum where they were filmed holding hands.

She may have missed the party, but she might be able to be with him on his actual birthday. The Weeknd doesn’t actually turn 27 until tomorrow, so hopefully they’ll be able to spend some time together then. It’s not clear what they’ll be doing together, if anything, but, if the past is any indication, it will definitely be something really expensive as that seems to be  their go-to method of having fun. But it seems only time will tell.