Tony Yayo Seems to Take Shot at Rick Ross and Jimmy Henchman – XXL

G-Unit member Tony Yayo is feeling some type of way about Rick Ross. Tony Yayo recently went on Twitter to express his feelings about Rozay and his latest song “Idols Become Rivals” that is aimed at Cash Money Records CEO Birdman. Tony Yayo tweeted this past weekend, “A cop shouting out a rat rappers for you. This shit ain’t real,”

In the tweet, Tony Yayo is referring to Rick Ross who was formerly a correctional officer prior to making it as a successful Hip-Hop star. On Rozay’s recent diss track “Idols Become Rivals” he states, “Never slippin’, got relationships with the trillest niggas/Tony Draper, J Prince and every Jimmy Henchman.”


It’s a well known fact that Tony Yayo and Jimmy Henchman are well known adversaries. The beef between these two goes past music and was highly publicized in the media several years back. Jimmy Henchmen is a well-known music industry figure but he also has had a lot of street ties to notorious gangsters. Henchmen is currently in prison serving time.

Tony Yayo and Rick Ross also have some friction between due to the fact that Yayo was one of the main people who publicized his private past as a correctional officer back in 2007 when Ross was on h is was to becoming a rap super star. Tony yayo is 50 Cent‘s right hand man so if 50 Cent and Rick Ross are beefing then it’s not surprising that Yayo would be beefing with Ross as well. It’s just a code of brotherhood. If my brother has beef then I have beef. We’re sure Rick Ross is not too concerned with Tony Yayo or his tweets about his lyrics these days since he is two busy promoting his new album that dropped kast week, Rather You Than Me. We’re not too sure what Yayo is up to these days or if he is still making music. But he is obviously on Twitter. You can follow the rapper @TonyYayo.