Travis Scott Gets a Vocabulary Lesson From His Mother

Just because hip-hop artists are notorious for misspelling words and using atrocious grammar doesn’t means their folks have to stand idly by and watch them destroy the english language. Travis Scott was recently called out by his own mother, no less, for misspelling a word on social media after he posted a message on Twitter.

Apparently, the 24-year-old rapper recently took to Twitter to write, “I was once asked my fav place in America to find peace. Portland is the answer. Took a trip and found happyness.” He has since been derided for his misspelling it but he just responded by posting, “Y’all know the English vocabulary does not exist here” even though it does.


Travis’ mom apparently got fed up with all his misspellings. As a result, she took to twitter and responded, “It’s spelled happiness u know we raised you better than that.” Of course, he then tried to rebut her claims by posting the cover to the hit 2006 film, The Pursuit of Happyness, with the caption, “But Mama.”

She has yet to respond to this, but we expect when she does, she’ll tear him a new one by pointing out that misspelling it in a movie title doesn’t give him the right to do it as well. This comes on the heels of Travis Scott announcing that he’ll be kicking off his new Bird’s Eye View Tour later next month.

This new tour is scheduled to hit up 30 different cities across the US and the world including New York, Pittsburgh, Miami, Houston, Cleveland and Berlin, Germany. You can check out the full list of tour dates by going to his website. So hopefully the next time he posts on social media, he’ll know better than to misspell any words in his post lest he incurs the wrath of his mom.