Twitter Went Ballistic When They Heard the Flute on Drake’s “Portland”

Drake has been teasing his new project, “More Life” for quite some time now, but tonight was the night we finally got hear some of it. Many found themselves in awe of the robust collection of  tracks which features the likes of Sampha, Jorja Smith, Skepta, Giggs and more and there was one particular track that cause fans to lose their collective shit.

Track 11 of More Life is entitled Portland and is produced by CuBeatz and Murda featuring Quavo and Travis Scott. So apparently on this particular track, there is a little flute loop on that beat and, for some reason, this part of the track has caused twitter to have a field day as they discuss and debate the quality of it to no end.

One guy posted a picture of some kid blowing into what appears to be some sort of wooden containment device with the caption, “Views from the studio during ‘Portland’ recording.” Another person posted a picture of some girl playing the flute while she was crying with the caption, “#MoreLife.

The next person tweeted a gif of Ron Burgundy playing the flute under someone’s stall with the caption, “this lil flute tho #morelife.” Some other guy posted a picture of that guy from the office playing the flute with the caption, “It got me like” while someone else posted a picture of squidward playing the clarinet.

The caption read, “This is me right now! Portland.” Someone else posted a picture of a power ranger playing a sword like it was a flute with the caption “Portland” and, finally, someone posted GIF of Link playing the flute with the caption, “flutes on that track were tewwww N64.” If you’re at all interested, you can check out some of there weird tweets down below to see it for yourself.