Usain Bolt dominated the 2016 Olympics, and we’ve just seen him dominating the night life recently as well.

Bolt won gold medals in the 100-meter, 200-meter, and 4×100-meter races bringing his total Olympic gold medal count up to nine. If that’s not enough, on Sunday the sprinter turned 30, so it was a must that Bolt go out and celebrate all of his achievements over the weekend in Rio.

However, it seems like Bolt may have gotten himself into a sticky situation while celebrating this weekend.

Early Sunday, Twitter user @blackthot posted a video that showed Bolt grinding on a woman in a Rio club while Rihanna’s “Work” played in the background. This was all fun and games except Bolt has a recently discovered girlfriend named Kasi Bennett who he was close to becoming engaged to.

On the same night the video was taken of the runner working it in the club, Bolt reportedly spent some time with a 20-year-old Rio woman named Jady Duarte. Duarte posted two photos on the WhatsApp social media app that appeared to show her and Bolt in bed together.

After further research, it seems as though Duarte has already been living life on the wild side. Daily Mail reported she’s the widow of a former Rio drug lord Douglas Donato Pereira who built a drug empire in the town of Faz Quem Quer, and committed at least ten violent crimes in the city before being killed by police during a shootout in March.

The two share two children together.

After the photos of Duarte and Bolt started going viral, Duarte stated that she is “dying of shame” and “never wanted to be famous.” She also said she was completely unaware of who Bolt was when she met him on Saturday night.