Dave East Responds To Jim Jones And Cam’ron Beef

In the original story, Jim Jones and Cam’ron went at it yet again but this time via new rapper Dave Easts Instagram. It’s nothing new, the former duo trading shots in the comments section of an Instagram post.

In April, Jones commented on a video Cam’ron posted of himself and Freekey Zeeky in a sneaker store. Cam warned Zekey about being on video and compared Jones to De’Angelo Russell, and in this recent quarrel, it was Jones who instigated the beef again, when he mocked Dave East for crediting Cam’ron with passing him the Harlem torch.


“Lol the torch lol tell him make u dip set lol,” Jones wrote. Cam’ron responded without mercy. “Nah I’m good JOMO.. U can’t be getting no money.. U always watching me.. how’s ya reality show doing?,” he wrote. ““Matter fact JOMO Max B coming home.. Make him Dipset. Matter fact JOMO tell @daveeast how u telling n****s he ain’t from Harlem .. But u wanna shoot videos wit him.. in Harlem. @daveeast curve this n***a he don’t really f*** wit u.. #WordToBloodshed.”

Dave East finally responded to the beef via his interview with Power 105 and Angie Martinez saying the beef has nothing to do with him and he’s just sitting back sipping tea while the two go at it.

#DaveEast talks about #commentcreepin while #jimjones and #camron were beefing in his comment sections (vid @angiemartinez)

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“As hard as I would go against somebody else, I wouldn’t go hard on Jim like that. That’s still my man regardless of what people see in the public or media or whatever,” Cam said in a This Is 50 interview.“For the most part me and Cam always had a strange relationship. Not in the beginning. In the beginning we were like two peas in a bucket. But, as time goes and you get money and you that young, and there’s so much power and there’s nobody over you telling you what y’all should be doing. How y’all should be moving. You know. You tend to separate. Money makes you your own man.” Jones said to Ebro in a Hot 97 interview regarding him and Cams relationship.