Watch: This Footage Of A Helicopter Gun Battle Attack Against Mexican Drug Cartel Is Terrifying

We all know Mexico can be an insane place, but this latest development just took the war on drugs in the South American country to a whole new level. Footage has recently surfaced of the Mexican marines taking on the Leyva drug cartel last week. Somebody filmed one of their helicopters destroying the compound inhabited by this nefarious cartel with a high-caliber mini-gun.

The Federal Interior Department recently made a statement saying that they caught their guy, Juan Fernando Patron Sanches. He is now sleeping with the fish (and, yes, that is correct plural form). Apparently, he and his henchmen tried to seclude themselves inside at the top of the building as they were raiding the compound.


So they asked for backup in the form of a helicopter. It was brought in to give dissuasive fire, which is just a military term for “shoot first, ask questions later.” Of course, the use of a helicopter isn’t sitting well with many Mexicans, who claim its too dangerous, but come on. This is Mexico. Everything about their country is dangerous.

Plus, the  government has gone on record to say that it is actually safer than using men on the ground. It was brought in in “with the aim of reducing the level of aggression and reducing the risk of civilian or federal casualties.” The Governor of Nayarit state has even praised the surgical precision with which the army was firing.

“Yesterday’s events were done to protect and safeguard the citizenry” he said in a statement, “We had zero civilian losses.” And there have been no civilian casualties reported, so it seems he was correct. Of course, the cartel retaliated later that day, but that only led to four more of their members being killed. You can check out the whole video right here.