White Man Shoots At Cop, Is Taken Into Custody Alive

On Saturday a 51-year-old Fort Worth white man who was accused of choking a woman opened fire on police Saturday morning before he surrendered to the Police. Surprisingly or not, he was uninjured when he was taken into custody. Police officers responded to a domestic dispute phone call around 3:30 a.m. on Saturday in the 2500 block of Poplar Spring Road.

When Patrol officers arrived a man armed with a shotgun walked out of the residence, and seconds later, he opened fire on two officers at the scene. Officers returned fire as the man later identified as Trees retreated back into the residence.


As SWAT members arrived on the scene, Trees and a woman  walked out of the home. Thankfully no one was injured from gunfire, according to the police.


The perpetrator Larry Trees now faces charges of assault of a family member and two counts of attempted capital murder, according to a statement  given by the police on Sunday.

Before police arrived, Trees is accused of choking the woman in the residence, but police did not release the relationship between Trees and the woman. Trees was in the Mansfield Jail Sunday in lieu of $65,000 bail.

The issue with this case in some people’s eyes is that there is a question on whether Trees would have been shot dead if he were black? Many cases have transpired across the US recently where unarmed black men have been shot by police, and this man who was armed, and dangerous was not shot dead and taken safely into custody by police.
The question is, how could the police take a man who shot at them into custody safely but fail to do so with several other cases involving people of color. Does this show that the system is really racist? It is just an extreme coincidence this man shot at a police officer and is alive to tell the story.